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Arch Enemy has made a really cool version of Nitad, check it out!



Volume 1 of Aseptic Zine is out! Printed - Abt 5.4" x 8.5" - 20 pgs. Wide-spread distribution...

They are $2.50 each and $1.50 wholesale // plus shipping.

Interested in buying a copy or copies? Just send a mail to


Some minor updates have been done and a couple of reviews were added.



Viktoria W
1977 - 2012



The compilation More world, less bank part 3 is out now! Check out Halvfabrikat Records to get a copy of this limited release.


In the works
In the works is the compilation More world, less bank part 3. The first got released in 2003, the second in 2005. The third is scheduled for fall of 2011. It'll contains unreleased songs only from eight acts and as usual, on a seven inch. We dare to say we'll top the first two with this one! In other words, you will not find those songs anywhere else. Click on the image to the right for more information!

End of All
Moderat Likvidation
Passiv Dödshjälp
Insidious Process

More world, less bank part 3: No borders, no banks. Limited to 500 copies!

Text from Halvfabrikat Records.



Extremism, one that still can´t be fully explained.........

New video for "Levande bomb" under media


We have recorded a new song for a particular purpose. The title is "Ensamma Kvar", more about the release of it later.

We´ve had enough of MySpace for now and we'll close our site there in a couple of days. It was a good idea from the beginning but now it has become most annoying and slooooow loading with all that crap advertising- Nothing's for free!

So, from now on this site is it!


M.L contributes with two songs on the new cassette Hoten från underjorden vol 6.


Gary Moore, R.I.P


M.L wish all friends a peaceful weekend and a happy new year!


We have had some problems with our mail but it´s solved now. So if you did mail us and didn´t get an answer- try again.


Ok, upon request, here it is- the M.L october party list! (requires Spotify). Click here to get it.


Oslo was great! thanks to everyone showing up at Barrikaden and a special hug to Stian & Anne for your hospitality, guiding(Vigeland rules) and everything else. Cheers!

The Beatles?





One of our very old songs live at Köpi, Berlin in dec -09 for download here:


2009 is about to end. It has been a really great year for us with a new album out, first gig outside of Sweden, tours in Canada/U.S, Germany/Italy and some some other great gigs- f.ex. at Punk Illegal. We have met some cool people and great bands.

We have made a major update to this site, new stuff on almost every page here with a lot of new pics, videos etc.

We would like to thank all fans, old and new friends and wish you all a great new year. Cheers!


Canada/U.S tour´s done. We had a really great time and met a lot of fantastic people! Thanks to everyone who showed great hospitality, serving food and letting us sleep over. All the shows was great and went well, except Montreal were we sucked a lot- sorry for that mishap!
Thanks to Janick langlais, Jim Martin and Matt Sachs who made this tour come true. Thanks Detonate for touring with us- you are a great band! Thanks to Simon Trolley for having us in N.Y- give Sofia a hug!


We´re looking forward to halloween this year!


There´s some new stuff in the webshop, hit merch´n check it out!

Our first tour in Canada/U.S is a fact. it´s about time and we´re really looking forward to it!


New video, more songs, new pics...we updated a little bit of everything. Stay tuned!


Rassle Punkrock festival and Punk Illegal fest V are done, we had a great time on both! Nice arrangements and cool audience! Thanks to all who showed up!

Punk Illegal

Special thanx to Danne who turned out to be a great driver even in the most weird hours. We also want to send a special greeting to Yoshi and his girlfriend who came all the way from Japan. Cheers!

We also made some updates- mainly in the gallery. There will be some more updates pretty soon.


We have launched a new webshop with some new stuff, hit the Merch-button and check it out!

Btw, our new album will arrive this upcomin' week.



At last! We finally got our things together and completed the final mixing of our new recording. We're happy to have it released by D-takt & Råpunk Records on both CD and 12" vinyl. As soon as we know any release-dates we put it up here.

We have some new gigs for 2009 as well.


Gallery update


Umeå was a cool place and we had a great time there. Nice arrangement, tasty waffles, supreme DJ and good bands playing. We made a second gig at the after-party at Umeå hardcore´s place(mainly for those who didn´t get in at Scharinska)....that was probably our latest gig ever, we got off stage at 4 in the morning!

So, now we have to rest our old bodies for a while :-) and concentrate in finishing our new record with 13 brand new songs- final mixing.


We´re heading for Karlskrona next weekend, to play at Wämörocken with The Exploited and The Bristles among others...sounds like a nice saturday evening!


We had a blast playing in our hometown again, at Malmöfestivalen. It was really nice meeting old friends again! There are some new pics from the event in the gallery and also some from our studiosession.

Now it´s time for a little mini-tour to Stockholm, Linköping och Göteborg. We´re looking forward to it, playing with great bands and also it´s the first time we play in Stockholm.


We´re in the studio right now working hard, creating new ML-tunes. So far everything´s going great!

Next gig will be at Malmöfestivalen, next friday 22/8 and we hope to see as many punx there as possible. It's for free!!


The gallery was updated.


Thanks to everyone who showed up to see us at WCR, also you outside the fence ;-)
We had some problems with the bad stage-sound but we hope it was ok. A very special thanks also to Shiva and Maus from New York who flew in just to see us- THANKS !

Next gig will be at Augustibuller, see you there!


Some new pics can be found in the gallery, thanks for the contributions.


It seems to be pretty quiet in the M.L-camp right now. The reason is that we're working hard with new material, not sure what the outcome will be yet!? But we've a lot of ideas, so we'll see when it's all done- so stay tuned!


Some more photos added and a video with one of our new songs, the last can be found under "media".


The page have been updated, pictures from the gig at Mejeriet among other things.


We are booked for a gig at West Coast Riot 2008. It´s a new punk/hardcore festival with more than 15 bands.
Fore more info hit the pic below.


Thanx to everyone (~650) showing up at the gig last saturday!  We had a great time and it was really an evening to remember, great bands (fy fan, Nuclear Death terror, Mob 47) and good moshpit, meeting both old and new faces...a memorable evening for sure! If you have some nice pics or even a video you are welcome to share it with us.


Tickets are out! For more info go to Mejeriet.


Gig confirmed!

Some time has passed since last...But now we´re ready again, and it´s gonna be a lot of fun!

Mejeriet, Lund 26/1-08:
Moderat Likvidation
Mob 47
Fy Fan
Nuclear death Terror


We got some new Tees out. This original stuff can only be found here. Check it out on the merch-page. Added some pics to the gallery as well.


Time for an update again.
Some changes have been made to the gallery, and some new pics were added.

Also, there´s a new interview from the fanzine This is the Reaction. It can be found under Media.
More news to come pretty soon.


Minor update, some review and a contribution on the swedish media page were added. Cheers!


There´s a new discography cassette out on Black Konflik Rec. Hit the flyer to see it in a bigger version.

We have added some more reviews and a ML-interview made 1984 for the swedish fanzine No Acne. Unfortunately it never came out so...this is an exclusive premiére 23 years later ;-) It´s in swedish so it can be found under the swedish version of the media page. Thanx to Inge Ansvar for the contribution. 


The new M.L T-shirts are out on Havoc store.

Some new reviews have been added.


Moderat Likvidation wants to thank all friends and fans and wish you all a great new year! The response and appreciation about the re issue has been totally overwhelming! Who knows what 2007 will bring? We´ll look to the future with confidence.

Upon request we have translated some sections into swedish and added the lyrics. Also, some new photos added to the gallery, Reviews, Discography, Media and Links also updated.

There will be a new T-shirt out soon, check Havoc site for more info on that matter.


Yeah, this is the real stuff, shove it Bodenmalm!         

CD is out! Complete CD discography, contains all the tracks on the three 7"s. The limited box set was sold out on Monday Oct 2d. Also, the catalog numbers have been mixed up on the 7"s. Read about it on Havoc Records



Yeah! Finally! We are happy to tell you that the first 7" are out. Check them out at Havoc Records


Some minor updates...


Some updates added, a new video among other things.


Latest news from the Havoc camp regarding the re issue:

"The Moderat_Likvidation 7"s are just about ready for production and will be out soon. The Moderat Likvidation will come out first as three 7"s. There will be a limited set of the three on color vinyl with a poster. The same material will also be on CD."


There´s a new mediasection. Content will increase gradually.


Added some more photos.


Some reviews were added.


The work with our recordings are done. We are satisfied with the result and....we are happy to have made a deal with Havoc Records for this definitive re issue. More details will follow....


Gallery added. There will be more pics gradually


We are working on a reissue of all our recordings, the tapes are being remastered right know in a studio. We will post the details here as soon as possible. We wish you all a happy new year!


This site is up´n runnin!

What is this!? A new website with Moderat Likvidation? Official? Yeah, that´s true! Why? Well, we found out a few things;

  • First of all, a bit hard for us to realize but it sure makes us happy, the interest for what we did some time ago is still very strong and it seems to increase.
  • There´s a lot of sites and storys out there, some good and some....not that good and with less true facts.
  • So, after some pressure, we decided to make our first website with all the hard facts and original stuff. Time will tell what we put in here, feel free to give us input.

    Who knows....there might be some news coming up also....